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CIM Dance Crew Learn from the industries top dancers and choreographers!.

Their credits include Ariana Grande, So You Think You Can Dance, Step Up, Movement Lifestyle, Justin Bieber, Cameo, Vanilla Ice, Justin Timbelake, Beyounce , JLO, Taylor Dane

and Many Others.



CIM 2016

 Performances Demo Reel ​

raquel herring album cover.jpgRAQUEL HERRING PIC.pngraquel herring video shoot with cim dancers.jpeg
        RAQUEL HERRING ARTIST 2017 SOLOLIST OF THE YEAR                         CIM DANCE CREW with 'Raquel Herring" Music Video "Always Count on You"!                                      Raquel Herring Music Video Shoot with CIM Dance Crew

rina and justin.jpg news-jennifer-lopez-amas-dance.jpegjlo ama la team 2nd pic.jpgrina chae 2nd pic beyonce.jpeg

Instructor Rina Chae Dancing Wtih Justin Bieber                 COS/CIM L. A. TEAM PERFORMING WITH JLO AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS                           AMA JLO (LA. DANCER) COS/CIM                                                         RINA CHAE(CIM) FORMER CHOREOGRAPHER "BEYONCE"

DSC_0060.JPGcompetition winner cim.jpgcompetition pic 1.jpg
CIM HipHop Team Dancing At Universal Studios                                                            COMPETITON WINNER HIP HOP PLATINUM                                                                         COMPETITION WINNERS HIP HOP " DON'T HOLD THE WALL"

Disney breakdancing  johnny.jpgDont hold the wall disney (1).jpgDSC_0686.JPGDISNEYLAND TRINITY.jpg

Eddy, Johnny, Trinity break dancing and hip hop at Disneyland and Trinity, Angel and Eddy "Dont Hold the Wall" performance!                                           CIM Jazz Funk Team Dancing at Disney California Adventure                     Trinty Baldwin & Savanna Game

 V__C637.jpgabby lee dance mom and angel_n.jpgvanilla ice cim freestyl concert.jpgfreestyle celebrity concerty flyer.jpgsavanna the voice & hannah.jpgHANNA KIRBY NO. 1.png

CIM Dancer Trinity With Brian           CIM choreographer with "Abby Lee"                          CIM Dance Crew Performed                  CIM (COLORS IN MOTION)                     CIM's SAvanna Game backup                                 Hanna Kirby "The Voice" 2016

Scott Ariana Grande dancer                     "DANCE MOMS"                                                    on stage with  "Vanilla Ice"                 "FREESTYLE MUSIC FESTIVAL"               singer/dancer Hannah Kirby "The Voice"

IMG_20131222_223346.jpgclippers black white picture.jpg aaliyah moulden the voice .pngthe real voice rehearsal stage.png

CIM Performing Arts Team Dancing for The Los Angeles Clippers              CIM CLIPPERS PERFOMANCE AT STAPE CENTER                                   AALIYAH MOULDEN "THE VOICE"                                                        

clippers Trin breakers.jpgclippers trin breakdance.jpgcelebrite dance workshop ontariog